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Based on the belief that the banking industry is facing a major disruption – with local banks in a unique position to benefit – Patrick Martin founded Gilman Patrick LLC in 2015.

As this disruption takes place, Patrick wants his clients to be the winners in what he believes is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Through his work with Gilman Patrick LLC, he builds strong partnerships to focus on both the Making Money and Saving Money sides of the equation in the banking industry, resulting in increased profit, efficiency, effectiveness, and better positioning overall for Gilman Patrick LLC banking clients.

Helping Banks Capitalize on Technology | Banking Industry


Banking technology expert, Patrick Martin, Banking Industry

Patrick Martin - Founder and CEO

Patrick Martin, Helping Bankers Save Money…from Honolulu to Boston.

Developing and leading transformational initiatives within the banking industry is the space where Patrick Martin thrives. He is recognized as an industry expert in deciphering the elements that work collectively towards progress – and building a roadmap for successful execution.

In his work, Patrick becomes a trusted partner in advising clients on complex initiatives within financial institutions, outlining not only what it takes to optimize the organization’s performance, but also a comprehensive summary of how to make it happen. With Patrick, no detail is overlooked. It’s just who he is.

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Prior to founding Gilman Patrick LLC,

Patrick honed his expertise as an IT and business consultant for various banks. He was a White House Innovation Grantee in 1999, and that same year, his innovative pattern analysis of large volumes of crime information which allowed investigators to note trends and repeat criminal behaviors earned him the Smithsonian Innovation Award Laureate.

Today, he blends his same innate sense of innovation with the expertise gleaned through years in the trenches to confidently guide banks to tighten operations and establish smarter processes, as well as to build profitable new niches and creative solutions.

Patrick is truly zealous about helping people make more money in their businesses. He’s actively engaged in the broader business community because he loves it, and he sits on the board of a few organizations that aid businesses and provide teaching and mentorship to entrepreneurs.

At work or at play, you’ll find Patrick rockin’ one of his favorite Hawaiian shirts… or even sporting a Santa Suit