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Case Study: First Niagara Bank

Case Study: First Niagara Bank Boosts Operational Efficiencies

At times, businesses may experience mega success, which is great… right? Yes, but they experience problems handling such huge gains while on a limited budget and having to rely on existing resources. First Niagara Bank encountered such an issue. How was it resolved? Learn more about how I helped implement some major transformations…

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Quality & Process

Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain & Decentralized Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Presents a New Frontier in Banking

Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier in Banking

Artificial Intelligence may sound like sci-fi, but it’s not fiction. It’s here and it’s transforming the way we live and do business. And in the banking industry, it can revolutionize fraud detection, customer service and many others areas. How? Find out here.

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crypto pump control dirti coin value

Crypto Pump Control – DirtiCoin Value

Crypto Pump Control – Scarcity is one of the determining factors of value for any medium of exchange, such as a currency. The scarcity, or abundance, of a currency is referred to as the monetary supply. When the amount of currency in circulation goes down, the relative value of each unit of currency goes up.

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