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Banking Technology Services

Helping banks of all sizes improve their technology

Because no bank can afford to ignore their technological infrastructure, especially not in today’s climate… Gilman Patrick LLC and our partners are expertly positioned to assist financial institutions:

– Decipher the elements that work collectively towards progress
– Effectively implement successful solutions
In the real world, bankers are not always positioned to clearly understand that “next best step” – or how to implement technology changes productively.
I get it, and I can help!
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UAT Readiness, Preparedness & Execution

We Provide:
  • a comprehensive testing process
  • validated system readiness
  • enhanced user satisfaction

Data Mapping,
Validation & Cleanup

We Ensure:
  • regulatory compliance
  • increased operational efficiency
  • accurate data

Business Process
& Output Testing

We Provide:
  • detailed planning
  • test case creation
  • execution & analysis of results

Core Implementations

Banking + Technology

FIS MBP (Regulatory)

Jenius BankFIS Modern Banking Platform is a cloud-native core banking modernization solution that allows for customization to build the modernized bank you need with API-first functionality.
More details to come…

fis Systematics (tech strategy)

Case Study: Implementation of Dodd-Frank Regulations at TD BankSystematics is the name of a retail banking software product suite. FIS is a financial services technology, with a focus on retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, risk and compliance, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

The financial catastrophe of 2007-2008 resulted in passage of the massive Dodd-Frank legislation of 2010, aimed at achieving more oversight in the financial institutions. I was able to assist this Bank with coming into compliance with these new regulations.

TCS BaNCS (Implementation)

TCS Banking SoftwareTCS BaNCS is a core banking software suite developed by Tata Consultancy Services for use by retail banks.

Through executive accountability, dedicated project teams, and specific oversight and instruction, I have led a regional bank to complete it’s TCS BaNCS core replacement and transform itself into a fully agile enterprise.


JHA Silverlake - Northway BankSilverLake System is a banking platform that provides highly customizable, enterprise-wide automation designed for growth- and commercial-focused banks.

One particular bank found itself with a wave of retirements and needed internal core banking services. By bringing on an interim vice president, and becoming a JHA Silverlake administrator, I was able to decentralize services away from a small and retiring team into the business units and with JHA and close the core banking services team. I then worked with the existing team to automate, outsource and transfer all core banking services within a year so they could retire and this bank could reduce its talent risks.


FISERV ARCHITECT Architect from Fiserv is a single, end-to-end digital banking solution for retail and business that gives financial institutions the control and flexibility to quickly respond to consumer and business needs.

This bank’s challenge was outdated technology hindering customer experience and operational efficiency. By partnering with GilmanPatrick, they successfully executed a digital transformation. This involved modernizing IT infrastructure, enhancing digital banking services, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures. As a result, Central Pacific Bank improved customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and strengthened its competitive edge in the financial services industry.

fis IBS (regulatory)

The Integrated Banking System is designed to automate a financial institution’s day-to-day operations. It provides full integration, turn key system development, total process control and dynamic decision-making management tools.

This particular bank had a dilemma: they needed modern systems but had limited resources to move forward. Under my guidance, the Bank enjoyed successful implementation, well-documented new processes, trained staff members experienced and working with the outsourced systems and vendor teams… all without customer impact.

fis MISER (Tech strategy)

MISER is one of FIS’ premium core processing solutions, delivering 24/7, high-volume transaction processing to banks and credit unions. The MISER platform, which is available in an online, real-time, memo-post or hybrid environment, provides financial institutions with increased efficiency, revenue and profitability through its integrated and scalable design.

This particular bank had grown very quickly from a local savings bank into a mega regional bank. After 6 months of working with me, there was an extraordinary jump in operational efficiencies and process maturity. The old top-down, antiquated, and incorrect processes were replaced with a continuous improving and community-maintained unified lifecycle of processes.

Fiserv Signature (Implementation)

Fiserv SignatureSignature® from Fiserv is a comprehensive and customer-centric platform ideal for large financial institutions and high-volume, transaction-focused enterprises

This particular Bank had no practical experiences in transformative projects and needed a highly configurable system requiring a detailed set of business requirements to build and align to this Bank’s vision, which is where Fiserv came in. I assisted in organizing business requirement elicitation sessions, created a set of functional test cases for Fiserv Architect and associated systems, combined base functionality with configuration changes to create the foundational understanding to guide vendors, staff, and consultant during the digital transformation.

This resulted in a successful digital transformation bringing new customer experiences in support of this bank’s vision.


JHA Symitar | LCCU Bank

JHA Symitar is a core processing platform by Jack Henry & Associates for credit unions. It manages operations like member services, transactions, loans, and deposits, offering flexibility, scalability, and third-party integration.

This credit union struggled with limited operational and technical capabilities after losing SECU support. Gilman Patrick LLC and Cornerstone Advisors implemented a full-core system using JHA Symitar, handled data mapping, validation, and cleanup, and created extensive test cases. We trained their staff and prepared them for user acceptance testing within 90 days. This transformation saved them significant time and costs, enabling them to focus on their mission and expand services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • TD/Banknorth merger 
  • TD Bank acquisitions: Commerce Bank, Riverside National Bank, South Financial Group & First Horizon Bank (terminated).
  • First Niagara Bank acquisitions: New Alliance Bank, Harleysville National Bank, & HSBC WNY.
  • Citizens Bank acquisitions: HSBC Bank USA, Investors Bancorp & Clarfeld Financial.  
  • Civic Federal Credit Union merger Local Government Federal Credit Union.  

Other Professional Services

Banking Industry | Services

Advisory Services & Executive Support

We offer comprehensive advisory services and executive support to banks, providing strategic insights and guidance to senior management. At Gilman Patrick, LLC, we specialize in navigating complex challenges, identifying growth opportunities, and implementing effective solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Our focus on enhancing organizational performance and driving innovation ensures sustainable business success in the dynamic financial services industry.

Project Management

We excel in project management, providing banks with expert oversight to ensure successful execution of initiatives. We leverage proven methodologies to plan, coordinate, and monitor projects effectively, delivering on time and within budget. Our focus on collaboration and strategic alignment enables banks to achieve their goals while optimizing resource utilization and mitigating risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Services | Gilman Patrick LLC | Banking consultant
Banking Services Gilman Patrick LLC | Patrick Martin - Banking Technology Consultant

Implementation Support

We offer comprehensive implementation support, guiding banks through the seamless integration of new technologies and processes. With our expertise, we ensure efficient deployment, optimize system performance, and facilitate smooth transitions to enhance operational effectiveness and achieve strategic objectives.


We deliver expert Auditor services, ensuring thorough examination and compliance oversight for banks and provide strategic guidance in auditing processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and mitigating risks. With our specialized expertise, we support banks in maintaining regulatory compliance and achieving optimal performance through meticulous auditing practices.

Services | Managing bank technology

Interim CIO

We provide expert interim CIO services to banks, offering strategic IT leadership, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency to drive sustainable growth and navigate complex IT challenges effectively.

"Changes during planning cost pennies,
changes during implementation cost millions"

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