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Best Intern Ever - AI Practical Implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years, being used by geeky people creating fun and useful things. For example:

  • Chatbots were created in 1995 and are ubiquitous today.
  • The Roomba vacuum cleaner was created in 2002; today AI appliances are everywhere.
  • Voice reignition & response systems such as Siri (2008) and Alexa (2014) are now common in almost every electronic device.

Consider our previous internet experiences: The internet had been around for decades as a character-based information system used by geeky people to communicate and share information.

In 1991, the HTTP protocol changed the world forever by transforming the internet into the World Wide Web and making it accessible to everyday people.

Similarly, GBT-3 (2020) a natural language, deep learning, and Open AI technology allows everyday people to ask a question and get a reasonable, understandable answer.

Who Cares About Artificial Intelligence?

The million-dollar question… So what?!

What am I going to do with this new tool and how will it make my life better/easier?

The big answer… AI is my new Intern.

Like many writers, I’m often faced with the “blank sheet of paper” problem. How do I start? Where do I start? Ugh. These questions can stop a research project cold in its tracks.

Now, I can solve my blank sheet problem by simply by asking my new Intern (AI) to research a topic and return some ideas and current topics.

Is it great? No – but it’s a good start and it solves my “blank sheet of paper” problem very well.

AI, I’ve Got Questions for You…

I then ask my new Intern (AI) questions in areas I need more information and understanding. In this task my trusty new Intern shines and can very quickly get me to peer-reviewed source information and reputable people.

So, what took me weeks to get from blank sheet to well researched draft takes a couple of days. Not too bad, right?

I’m having more fun. My fears of the dreaded blank page (and the boring drudgery of research) have all but vanished. I’m more creative and productive. Who doesn’t want that?

Investigating the Impacts of AI on Banking

I started playing around with ChatGPT and other AIs to better understand the technology and to find out the possible impacts to the banking industry.

I soon discovered I could only understand AI if I actually used AI. So, my play turned into work and my work turned back into play.

My recommendation? Jump in and start playing around to see what works for you.

I chose to focus mainly on chat-based AI because they’re most useful for my work. However, there are many AI’s available today for your use in a variety of areas.

Check out the list below, where I present a list of other useful AIs based on areas of interest.

AI resources

Have fun! And let me know how you are using AI.

How prepared is your organization for the change that is coming whether you like it or not? If you’re looking for innovative ways to strategize, connect with me today.

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