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The New Automation Mindset Book Review

Recently I grabbed a copy of a WSJ and USA Today bestselling book by Vijay Tella: The New Automation Mindset: The Leadership Blueprint for the Era of AI-For-All. 

The book offers a glimpse into the potential – and the impact – of business automation in today’s increasingly complex world.  

Here’s what Amazon’s quick synopsis says, to give you an idea what the book is about:  

Digital transformation of the business landscape is well underway, and businesses are being reshaped faster than ever before. Agility and adaptability are now critical components of these business’ survival. But building these traits requires a holistic approach with an unrelenting focus on automation. How does one go about developing that focus?” 

Why It’s a Good Thing “AI” is Missing from the Main Book Title 

AI | AutomationThat said, here’s my fast review of this great read:  

First, I’m pleased Vijay didn’t use AI in his main title, because as he and I both know, AI is nothing but a tool. Automation actually begins and ends with understanding your processes.  

One thing is now clear to me after reading The New Automation Mindset: generative AI will automate the orchestration layer of corporations, and in the process, democratize processes into the ranks of workers and executives.  

Middle Management: Automation is Coming for You… 

What does this mean? I believe the first casualty of white-collar automation will be middle management. The automation of approval and authority is a powerful concept. Given Vijay’s organizational blueprints for governance and integration, it will become a reality.  

The orchestration layer is the easiest to automate, and it offers the greatest efficiency and profitability gains. The ROI will be insanely large and most everyone will be happy clapping.  

Honestly, who likes a boss whose only reason for existing is to make sure you don’t use mouse jigglers? Thank you, Wells Fargo, for yet another bizarre failure and funny story

Who (or What) Can Conquer an Infestation of Mouse Jigglers? 

Mouse | Automation

I digress for a moment to give a brief background for those of you reading this who aren’t aware of the recent scandal. It seems some “rogue” employees at Wells Fargo were let go for faking productivity.  

Yep, they allegedly put some runaway “mouse jigglers” in the driver’s seat – that’s hardware or software that prevents a computer from entering sleep mode by feigning user activity.  

Did Wells Fargo fire the right people? How much time and effort went into capturing seven mouse jigglers? Bad press, reputational hit, recruitment disaster. How does this bizarre incident help Wells Fargo? Perhaps it is time to automate the bosses.  

Why I Recommend The New Automation Mindset 

The New Automation Mindset

Now back to the serious stuff: Vijay provides a very practical guide into the world of automation, and good guidance on how to get started.

His advice? Not to wait for the technology. The value is in starting. Use what you have today and apply the technology when it arrives. The bottom line: don’t wait, start now 

In summary, I highly recommend The New Automation Mindset to anyone interested in modern organizations in general – and automation specifically. Vijay stands on the shoulders of giants and gives us a glimpse of the horizon on human organization, and a blueprint for corporate automation.  

Get your copy of The New Automation Mindset on Amazon … and after you read it, let me know your thoughts. 

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