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Broken Money

We all know something is not right in the world today. Even after all we’ve been through, we instinctively know it’s not over and “something wicked this way comes.”  

I say: trust your gut on this, and let me help you get a better understanding of our circumstances.  

If you’ve got a curious mind, I have some great book recommendations for you. Each are groundbreaking, and a couple are magnum opus (greatest achievement) of the author.   

These selections are accessible to all seeking an understanding based on facts and experience – without hype and useless fluff.   

Beware: this knowledge will make it harder for you to be around ignorant people with strong opinions – yes, that means even some family members.  

Let’s jump right into my first recommendation! 

My First Choice: “Broken Money” by Lyn Alden 

Actually, the official full title is: Broken Money: Why Our Financial System is Failing Us and How We Can Make it Better. 

My first selection comes out of my area of expertise, banking technology and monetary systems. Yes, our monetary system is broken and we’re entering a profound phase shift.  

How do I know this? Because my firsthand expertise and experiences are backed up with thousands of hours of secondary research and learnings.   

I’ve been following Lyn’s work for over five years, and she certainly holds the respect of her peers. Broken Money is her first book and it’s a grand slam.  

In her book, she will lay out for you how our financial systems grew from simple tablet etchings and shells to today’s central banking and bitcoin. Lyn also dares to give you a glimpse of our future financial system.   

I have read over thirty books on this subject, including the vanity books of federal reserve chairmen. Lyn’s book is the best by far.  

An In-Depth Glimpse into the Past, Present & Future of Money 

Published in summer 2023, Broken Money is 538 pages packed with deep insight. Here’s a quick synopsis from Amazon:  

“Broken Money explores the history of money through the lens of technology. Politics can affect things temporarily and locally, but technology is what drives things forward globally and permanently. The book’s goal is for the reader to walk away with a deep understanding of money and monetary history, both in terms of theoretical foundations and in terms of practical implications. 

From shells to gold, from papyrus bills of exchange to central banks, and from the invention of the telegraph to the creation of Bitcoin, Lyn Alden walks the reader through the emergence of new technologies that have shaped what we use as money over the ages. And beyond that, Alden explores the concept of what money is at its very foundation to give the reader a framework to analyze and compare different types of monetary technologies and monetary theories.” 

Purchase Broken Money on Amazon. Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts.   

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