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Living Another Life As A Santa Model

Santa Model

Ok, I admit it: I’m no Tom Brady. Truth be told, though, I’m more like the model, Gisele Brady.

Right about now, if you know me, you’re probably thinking: “Patrick, what are you talking about?” (or wondering if I’ve enjoyed a bit too much eggnog already).

But it’s true: Gisele Brady and I share the same profession, as unlikely as that seems.

I Am A Professional Model.

Yes, it’s true.

When I mention my side profession, people laugh out loud. I get it. Gisele and I probably are around the same height, but that’s where the similarities end.

When I told my marketing team about my other gig, they cried laughing. I guess it is hard to believe, and I even chuckle over it when I’m on set.

What the heck do I model, you’re probably wondering?

A Custom-Made Red Suit and a Ho Ho Ho

Santa Model

Well, I don’t really model clothing like other models. I wear a special suit, a red one, with white fur trim and matching hat, and my outfit is topped off with a long white beard.

Poof! Just like that, I transform into Santa Claus.

And the round stomach, well, I could say most of it’s Hollywood fluff. But I add to the fluffy effect, so to speak.

Just how did I fall into this modeling job?

Many years ago, my friend Mark Rockwood, a commercial photographer, was in a jam. His Santa model was a no show and he had deadlines to meet. So, I jumped into the Santa Claus suit, did the shoot, got paid and the rest is history.

Chances are good you’ve seen my Santa belly and gloved hands on products and in catalogs.

But why me?

Real Santas Are Truly a Rare Breed

Come to find out, full body Santa Claus models are very expensive and there are only a handful that really are Santa Claus.Santa Model

Remember those Mercedes Benz Christmas commercials? That Santa made big money, but not everyone has that kind of budget for a real Santa. That’s where I come in as a Santa body part model.

Anyone who has seen the comedy film Zoolander knows about body part models. Remember David Duchovny, the hand-model? That’s me, only I’m the Santa Claus model.

We have a motto in the Santa Claus field: Christmas is in July. Most Santa modeling opportunities occur in the hot and humid month of July.

Imagine spending a day in a full Santa outfit next to a roaring fire in July. Gosh, you’d think from all the sweating I’d lose a few pounds of Santa belly.

But alas, I still can’t shimmy down chimneys. Most of my clientele is sleeping when I put in an appearance, so they don’t know that I really come in via the patio door.

And anyway, lose the belly, lose the job.

It’s All in Good Fun

And by the way, I was able to get rights to my last modeling photo (Money Shot, above). What do you think?

Oh, and about Rudolf, Vixen and Blitzen: they’re recovering from COVID, so three new reindeer stepped up to the reins: Bitcoin, DeFi, and Ethereum (we call him Ethan for short).

For everything banking and technology consulting, check out my website here.

Happy Holidays!

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