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Why Real Books Outshine Blogs, Articles & Even Whitepapers

When was the last time you read a book? Be honest here… 

Books Still Reign Supreme. Read Why. 

I confess: I am a voracious reader of non-fiction books. And I have been for decades. My areas of interest are focused, so if I recommend a book to you, it’s because I truly believe it’s the best out of hundreds.   

In the vast world of knowledge delivery, one method – books – still reigns supreme. Here’s a straightforward summary explaining how I value knowledge delivery. (Psst…to find out why I’m even talking about this, be sure to scroll to the bottom for an exciting announcement).  

Blog/Articles are a Great Quick Primer:  

  • Typically takes an expert a few hours to write 
  • Good for learning about new ideas and current happenings 
  • If something strikes your interest, you can choose to explore the topic more deeply – i.e. read some technical articles and whitepapers.  
  • Value: $

Technical Articles, the “Next Layer”:  

  • Usually take a couple days to write 
  • Expert authored articles that are deeper than a blog 
  • No peer review 
  • They offer the “next layer” of understanding on a topic 
  • Value: $   

Whitepapers Have Knowledge Confidence: 

  • Can take weeks to write 
  • Expert authored, typically with some level of peer review 
  • Similar to technical article content, but with knowledge confidence and validation 
  • If you’re still interested in the topic, step up to Academic/Industry journals 
  • Value: $$

Academic Journals Offer Trusted Knowledge: 

  • Require hundreds of hours of research, writing and serious peer reviews  
  • Expert authors are putting their reputation on the line with an academic journal 
  • First it is peer reviewed, then it is peer judged, and finally, if successful, published 
  • You can trust the knowledge delivered in a peer-reviewed journal to be the best at the time of publication 
  • If you’re still hungry for a deeper understanding, its time to read a book… 
  • Value: $$$ 

 Books Are Still the #1 Choice in Knowledge Delivery:  

  • Demand thousands of hours to research, develop, and write content 
  • Expert authors with proven expertise, peer reviewed knowledge and reputation will be rewarded with a book of rich knowledge presented in the best way possible 
  • A really good book is worth its weight in gold 
  • Value: $$$$ 

Something wicked this way comes… 

Now for the big announcement… 

We all know something is not right in the world today. Even after all we’ve been through, we instinctively know it’s not over and “something wicked this way comes.”   

I say: trust your gut and let me help you get an understanding of our circumstances.  

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll share with you my top recommendations for books.

Each are groundbreaking, and a couple are magnum opus (greatest achievement) of the author.   

These choices are accessible to all seeking an understanding based on facts and experience – without hype and useless fluff.   

But it does come with a warning: Beware, the knowledge you gain will make it harder for you to be around ignorant people with strong opinions – yes, especially some family members.  

Stay tuned! My first recommendation rolls out soon.  

Developing and leading transformational initiatives within the banking industry is the space where I thrive. If you’re ready to think outside the box to explore cutting edge solutions, contact me today.  

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